Cluster Aarde en Klimaat loopt mee in klimaatmars

Aankomende zondag 10 maart is er een klimaatmars in Amsterdam. Het cluster Aarde en Klimaat van de afdeling Aardwetenschappen ondersteunt deze mars door mee te lopen. Zij onderbouwen dit met het volgende statement:

07-03-2019 | 17:43

The Commonwealth of Nations science leaders* stated in response to the Paris Climate Agreement that, "even if all the country commitments from the Paris Agreement are met, the best interpretation of the latest data shows that by the end of the century the global climate is likely to be 3°C above pre-industrial levels. This is substantially higher than the Paris target to limit warming to less than 2°C, and would have profound impacts affecting billions of people throughout the world”.

We are scientists and academics within the Earth and Climate Cluster at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. For years, our work has been providing scientific evidence about the state of the planet, and in particular about the increasing threat posed by climate change and the destruction of biodiversity.

It is a moral and political imperative for us to support and encourage the Amsterdam Climate March. On Sunday, we will join many people in a call for progressive and effective action to mitigate climate change.

Motivated by the best available science, we will support and join the Climate March on Sunday March 10, 2019.

*This quote comes from a statement by the Commonwealth of Nations science leaders from around the globe (Royal Society of London, National Academy of Science (USA), etc.).

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