Premaster Ecology


Generally speaking, students must complete their Bachelor’s or pre-Master’s before starting on their Master’s programme. This is known as the ‘BSc-before-MSc rule’. Due to the corona crisis, however, some students have had to partially stop their studies, resulting in an unfortunate delay.

There has been examined how an exception to this BSc-before-MSc rule can be made possible for (pre)master’s programmes at VU Amsterdam. This means that, under certain conditions, students who are lacking credits for no more than a few courses (this may also be the final project), will still be able to start their Premaster programme at VU Amsterdam next year. This is a one-off measure. The missing credits must be completed during the 2020-2021 academic year, in other words no later than August 31 2021. Please read carefully below which rules apply for admission into the Premaster programme Ecology. 

Premaster programme Ecology.
The following rules apply this year for admission into the Premaster programme:

Target groupNumber of EC at least achieved / % EC achieved
HBO bachelor students210 EC
University level (WO) students150 EC

Please note that, apart from the rules above, other admission criteria / requirements that are not EC related are still applicable and must be met to be considered for admission into the Premaster programme.

Request exceptional admission
Do you meet these conditions or do you expect to meet these conditions by 31 August at the latest? If so, you can request exceptional admission no later than 1 August. You can do this by completing and submitting the form.
Do you want to start a pre-Master’s programme in September? Then complete the form for exceptional admission to a pre-Master’s programme.

The pre-master's programme Ecology will enable you to gain admission to the master programme Ecology.

The pre-master’s programme encompasses 6-30 EC and can differ per student. The exact content will be determined by the deficiencies remaining despite the previous education of the candidate.

The pre-masters programme is generally composed of several course components from the BSc Biology programme (but components from programmes are possible), depending on the prospective students needs. One logical option is to do the 30 EC minor Evolutionary Biology & Ecology. In addition, we have a prescribed pre-Master's for the MSc and a separate one for HBO. It’s almost the same program apart from one subject. Please look at the study guide, for information about the content of the courses.

You have to complete the premaster (30 EC) within 1 year. Therefore it is not possible to re-enroll for the premaster. All general information about admission and application for a premaster programme can be found here. Please note that the Faculty of Sciences does not require students to participate at the premaster assessment. You are, however, required to succesfully complete an English Language test.

If you have any questions about the pre-Master's Programme Ecology, please contact the Educational Office:


Admission is based on a strict selection procedure. In order to gain admission to the pre-master's programme, you will need to have a HBO Degree in a relevant field. Besides, you will need to submit the testresults of your English Language at your application.

The Faculty’s Admission Board will decide upon your admission after having evaluated your complete online application. The deadline for application is 15 July.


If you have any questions about the premaster Ecology, please contact the Educational Office (