Premaster Biomedical Technology and Physics


Students with a Bachelor's degree in a field that corresponds to a sufficient extent with the subject area covered by the Master's programme can request admission to the pre-Master’s programme.

The pre-Master’s programme is tailor-made and comprises [30] EC is typically made up of the following units of study:

a. Vectorcalculus (3 EC)

b. Optica en optisch waarnemen (6 EC)

c. Differentiaal vergelijkingen (6 EC)

d. Statistiek (6 EC)

e. Thermodynamica (6 EC) or Van Quantum tot molecuul (6 EC)

Proof of a successfully completed pre-Master’s programme serves as proof of admission to the Master's programme specified within it in the subsequent academic year.4. In addition to the pre-master programme, the following courses are to be included in the master programme: “Biomedische Beeldvorming” and “Inleiding Medische Beeldanalyse” for the variant Medical Physics, and the courses “Mechanics and Thermodynamics in the Cell” and “Microscopy and Spectroscopy” for the variant Physics of Life and Health. The free elective space in the master programme offers the schedule opportunities to fulfill these requirements.

All general information about admission and application for a premaster programme can be found here. Please note that the Faculty of Sciences does not require students to participate at the premaster assessment.   


You can apply for the pre-Master's Programme via Studielink. The Faculty’s Admission Board will decide upon your admission after having evaluated your complete online application. The deadline for application is 1 June.


If you have any questions about the pre-Master's Programme, please contact the Educational Office: