Artificial Intelligence

New Master Project internships will be posted on the internship platform VU Fresh Heroes. (January 2018)

  • ABN AMRO IT Internships: NEW
     • Search Engine optimization:Improving search relevancy NEW
     • Software Development:Discovery of reusable services/libs, Patterns for secure codingandSoftware Development Shift Left, Alternatives for Batch API NEW
     • Artificial Intelligence:Artificial Intelligence: Shape your own assignmentandProof of Concept: Artificial Intelligence as 'decision maker' in CDD* processes NEW
  • ABN AMRO, Amsterdam     
  • ABN AMRO: Internship Artificial Intelligence
  • Accenture, Stage CodeMasters / Innovation Awards
  • Accenture, Infrastructure Services:
        - Cloud Security
        - DevOps everywhere
        - Future of Cloud
        - Internet of Things
        - Network Function Virtualization
        - Next Generation Cloud Migration
        - Software-Defined Networking
        - WiFi offloading
  • Alpha.One
  • Anchormen, Amsterdam/Groningen
  • Avanade Netherlands BV, Almere
  • Braingineers, Amsterdam
  • Building Blocks: Internship Automated Machine Learning NEW
  • BuzzBasics, Heerhugowaard   
  • Buzzcapture, Amsterdam 
  • Caliope, Amsterdam  
  • Capgemini, Utrecht  
  • CGI
  • Connected Dreams, Amsterdam
  • ConversionMob, Zaandam
  • Copernica, Amsterdam 
  • Cura Innova Ventures
  • CWI, Life Sciences Groep, Amsterdam
  • Deloitte: Scriptiestage Artificial Intelligence
  • Deloitte Security, Amstelveen
  • Deloitte, afdeling Consulting, Strategy & Operations
  • Diagnosy Foundation
  • DIGIFIT, Amsterdam
  • Dimebox: University Graduate Interns, Amsterdam

  • Eagle Science, Amsterdam
  • Expose Media, Amsterdam
  • Food Porter, online supermarket
  • Fredhopper, Amsterdam  
  • FRISS, Fraude- en Risicobeheersing, Utrecht 
  • Genetics, Almere
  • Grand Thornton, Amsterdam/Rotterdam
  • HERE Global BV, CTO Research Team, Eindhoven
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • HGG: High speeds motion control for over-actuated robots
  • HGG: Machine learning for automated metal cutting
  • IBM CAS Benelux
  • i2i, Amsterdam
  • IENS, Amsterdam 
  • Independer, Amsterdam
  • Info Support, Veenendaal 
  • ING, Amsterdam
  • inQdo   
  • KLM, Kwantitatieve stages, Amstelveen/Schiphol
  • Koning & Hartman, Amsterdam/Delft 
  • KPMG Forensic Technology
  • KPMG IT Advisory
  • Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland
  • Maykin Media
  • 24i Media, Alkmaar en Alphen a/d Rijn
  • Medux, Utrecht
  • Mobiquity: Data Scientist
  • NCIM groep, Leidschendam     
  • Nike, Multiple internship opportunities
  • Oberon, Amsterdam
  • Objective Partners 
  • Ordina
  • Ordina SMART technologies:
      - Beeldverwerking to the max
      - Realtime dataverwerking
•   ORTEC 
•   Ortec Finance
  • Patiënt1: urticarial app integration
  • Pega, Amsterdam
  • Philips Healthcare, Best 
  • PinkRoccade, Utrecht  
  • Politie, Dienst IM
  • PwC, Amsterdam
  • PwC: Afstudeeronderzoek Process Mining in Operations
  • ProBiblio, Hoofddorp
  • Quo Vide, Heerhugowaard 
  • Rabobank Groep, Group Risk Management, Utrecht
  • Redsocks, opdracht: Malicious network activity data analysis
  • Relatics, Ridderkerk   
  • Riskco, Utrecht
  • Robeco, Rotterdam
  • RTreporter
  • Screen6
  • ServiceDown
  • Sense Health
  • Sense OS
  • Siqura:
       - Deep learning for multi-sensor perimeter intrusion detection systems
        - Distributed training and testing of a video-detection system
        - Geolocation of Multiple Cameras
        - Map-Based Geolocation of a Camera
        - Generic implementation of random fields on embedded hardware
        - Ship-Mounted Camera Stabilization
  • SMR Groep, Amsterdam   
  • Sophisty, Amsterdam
  • Stabiplan, Bodegraven
  • Stachanov Group: Data Mining for the Argos platform Credit Scoring
  • Stachanov Group: ARGOS Mobile
  • Summa
  • TAPP: internships "Data scientist" and "Back-end developer" NEW
  • TicketCatcher, Amsterdam
  • TMNS, Den Haag
  • TNO, Spatial constraint 3D clustering methods for electrical resistivity models of the subsurface as derived from airborne Electro-Magnetics
  • TNO, Nieuwe analysetechnieken voor geologische model controle op basis van eye-tracking data
  • TNO ICT, Delft
  • TNO, Innovation for Life, diverse locaties  
  • TNO Defence, Security and Safety: Populating Simulation Environments 
  • TNO Science and Technology - Den Haag 
  • TNO, Performance of Networks and Systems, Delft: Veerkracht van gasnetwerken en Slimme detectiemethodes voor cyberaanvallen

  • University of Kuopio, Finland      
  • Vigo
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and NBT Analytics, Amsterdam 
  • VUmc, Intra-operatieve data gebruiken voor een betere OK planning NEW
  • VUmc, Machine Learning in Healthcare project description 
  • VUmc: Scientific Research Project Description "Determining the amount of falls amongst hospitalized patients using  textmining in an Electronic Health Record (EHR)" NEW
  • VUmc: Proposal for master thesis project "AI for treatment planning in Radiotherapy" NEW

  • Xel Media Internet Services, Utrecht 
  • ZenSelect