Research Ethics Review

Research Ethics Review Committee

Research integrity is high on the agendas of Dutch universities. VU Amsterdam and VU Medical Center work hard to ensure that all their academic staff have a good knowledge of the national Code of Conduct and remain informed of the latest developments regarding research integrity policy. VU and VUmc subscribe to the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity 2018. 

The Faculty of Science will install a Research Ethics Review Committee in the coming months. This committee provides guidance in dealing with ethical issues in research, first and foremost with a digital standard review procedure, the so-called ‘self-check’. All information concerning this topic will be published on this page. Under 'Documents' below, you'll find the 'Research Ethics Review Committee regulations' (in Dutch), the 'Code of Ethics for Research involving Human Participants Faculty of Science' and the 'Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity' (in Dutch).