How it's made

For design and construction, we use advanced 3D engineering programs. This allows us to perform strength calculations, frequency analyzes, gravity determination. Constructions convert to a CAM program, which prepares the processing of the products.

(CNC) Turning and Freezing
We have an extensive machine park with both conventional and state of the art CNC turning and milling machines.

Welding techniques
We specialize in various welding techniques, such as TIG and MIG welding for stainless steel, aluminum and steel. Think of plasma waxes for fine and precision, spot welding (from solid to very small) and in addition we can make various solder connections.

Placement processing techniques
With us it is possible to cut, bend and mold metal and plastic. From tenths of millimeters to 2 meters, everything is possible.

Glaste technique
For the realization of glass blowing technology and glass repairs we act as an intermediary.

Optical Components
For the various laser and optical systems, our department has developed a series of "optical components". With these components that fit and match, we can compile and manipulate lenses, mirrors, prisms in all possible positions.